I finally have my own blog.  You may ask, why “Pragmatic Disposition?”

Not so long ago, I commented on a blog of a friend and his response to my comment ended with me being called “Miss Pragmatic”.  I’ve always associated the word pragmatic with practical or matter of fact, but imagine my surprise when in trying to search the web for pragmatic, the word “hardheaded” also came up.  I find it very interesting that a  “stranger” (I beg your pardon Sir, but I’m sure you’ll agree with me that I use the word very loosely in this context) can assume something like that from only a few word exchanges.  It was then that I realized that my surprised reaction was the product of my own thoughts, albeit a negative one.  So instead of trying to figure out why I was being called “Miss Pragmatic”,  I decided that what he really meant was “Miss Practical”  (If not, humor me!) .  You can say this was one of my “aha moments”.  I’ve realized what Paul Coelho has been saying all along is true:  “the only power you have on this planet is the power of your decisions”.   I’ll leave that for a  future entry.

To Sir, thank you.  I’ll leave that particular section for you to fill in since you came up with the name.  I look forward to your post.

As I’m trying to get my feet wet in this blog, you may not get anything “of value” from a frustrated writer.   But I’ve always learned to “write to express and not to impress”.  A friend close to my heart, one I lovingly call a “kindred spirit”, recently gave me “The Secret” with a dedication “Use whatever you can and discard the rest”.